Slush Watch
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Unofficial monitoring application for Braiins Pool. It gives you statictics of your Braiins Pool bitcoin account with use of all your favourite iOS, watchOS and tvOS features.


Apple Watch





  • Farm

    Your farm status is on the first place. That's why Slush Watch shows overall farm metrics as well as list of all your miners.

    Overview of Braiins Pool btc mining machines
  • Overview of Braiins Pool btc mining rewards

    Mining Rewads

    All possible information about mining rewards are served in a fresh and easy form.

  • Braiins Status

    Basic Braiins Pool metrics gives you notion about how's your favourite pool doing.

    Overview of Braiins Pool btc mining status
  • iOS widgets for pool monitoring


    Be still in picture with set of nicelly crafted system widgets.

  • Lock Screen widgets

    Handy Lock Screen widgets gives you instant overview how is your favourite pool and farm doing.

    Siri vioce shortcuts
  • Siri vioce shortcuts

    Integrate with Siri

    Get most out of you Apple devices with Siri integration. Add voice commands to Siri and have access to Braiins Pool info hands free!

  • Apple Watch

    Condensed version of Slush Watch on your wrist.

    Slush Watch application for Apple Watch device
  • Slush Watch application for AppleTV

    Apple TV

    Enjoy mining stats on a big screen with Slush Watch for Apple TV.